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Pigeon Lychee in Syrup 565g
Pigeon Longan in Syrup 565g
Del Monte Pineapple Slices in Juice 820g
Aroy-D/Lamthong Ripe Jackfruit in Syrup 565g/pack
Aroy-D Palm Seed (Attap Fruit) in Syrup 565g/pack
Aroy-D Rambutan in Syrup 565g/pack
Aroy-D Lychee in Syrup 565g/pack
Golden Swan Straw Mushroom 425g/pack
Mong Lee Shang Grass Jelly 540g/pack
Pineapple Piece 850g/pack
Lamthong Young Green Jackfruit Brine 565g/pack
Golden Swan Water Chestnut Whole 567g/pack
Golden Swan Baby Corn in brine 425g/pack
Aroy-D Rambutan with Pineapple in Syrup 565g/pack
Aroy-D Longan in Syrup 565g/pack
Sailing Boat Baby Corn Whole 425g/pack

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